To Succeed On Medium, Stop Doing These 4 Things

The most common mistakes of new writers and how to avoid them.

Usually, I’m optimistic and lighthearted.

And I love motivating new writers to start writing on Medium and see if it’s a platform that could meet their needs. But sometimes, I get angry when seeing the complaints of new Medium writers.

Some people don’t seem to understand that

a) Medium doesn’t owe you anything

b) Medium is no get-rich-quick scheme

Medium is a business, it’s an open platform and an opportunity for anyone who is willing to do the work. But it’s certainly not the holy grail for success, it won’t work for everybody, and it will continuously change its rules.

If you don’t accept playing to the rules and working your ass off, don’t even start writing here.

And if you find yourself doing one of the following things, you might want to give them up asap to finally reach your desired goals.

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