Medium Doesn’t Suck

But your mindset does

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

I hate negativity. That’s negative, I know.

But today was one of these days: I saw some people on Facebook discussing how awful Medium is and that their stats are declining and they are not achieving their desired results.

So, be aware: This is agetting-rid-of-my-anger-by-writing type of post.

I am checking all the Medium related Facebook groups daily. I read all the questions and provide answers whenever I can.

My mission is supporting people in building a life and business they love, so I invest around 15 minutes per day scrolling through the Medium Facebook groups and reading what the community writes.

On most days, I leave the groups with positive, enthusiastic vibes, knowing that I helped at least one person.

Sometimes, however, I get angry.

Today was one of the angry days because I saw people spreading negative vibes around Medium.

Well, you know what? Here’s the thing:

No platform owes you success.


Medium is not responsible for your success, your income, or your reach.

It’s just here; it’s a free offer. You can take it or leave it.

It’s your chance to write great pieces, reach thousands of people, and make a living off your writing.

You are responsible for your choices

I honestly don’t understand why some writers can’t deal with the changes that are happening on Medium.

Medium was not built for you.

It’s a business, a platform that serves a higher purpose than just publishing your work. And if Medium would be gone tomorrow, you couldn’t do anything about it.

Medium doesn’t bother about you as a person.

BUT it offers you more than any other writing or publishing platform.

Instagram doesn’t pay you for making nice pictures. TikTok doesn’t pay you for creating funny videos. No platform pays its creators as easily as Medium does.

During this whole “Medium sucks” conversation, I saw a comment saying something like, “I am pissed, I am starting my own website.”

Well, you know what? Medium doesn’t care about that. And all the readers on Medium probably don’t care either.

Sorry to be so honest, but you are just a small fish. Independently of your number of followers, reads, or whatsoever — we all are small fish here.

Of course, you can start your own website.

These days, you should be able to set up an excellent self-hosted blog in less than a day, but here’s the clue: Nobody will read what you write unless you’ve built a vast email list to whom you can promote your pieces.

Last month, I had more than 350,000 views here on Medium.

Screenshot: Author

Now, I am into this whole world of online business, blogging, and generating traffic for more than two years, and to be honest, I haven’t found any other way to reach that many people so quickly.

If you do, please let me know.

These crazy numbers eventually lead to a paycheck of more than $7,700 through Medium.

Screenshot: Author

However, Medium doesn’t owe me anything.

When you wake up tomorrow, Medium could be gone.

Rory Vaden once said the following:

“Success is never owned, it is rented, and the rent is due every day.”

I sincerely believe this is true for anything in life, but it especially applies to succeeding on external platforms.

Stop talking shit and do the work

Yes, Medium only works because writers write, but there are enough writers who appreciate the opportunities they have here.

Thousands of positive, uplifting writers and entrepreneurs are thankful for the opportunity to write on Medium.

No matter how many changes Medium makes, some people won’t lose their hope and perseverance, they will continue producing great work. And they will win. Those who persist always win.

Medium doesn’t need you. It doesn’t need any of us.

But it’s here for us. It offers us an incredible way to communicate our ideas, to reach the masses, and to make money through our words.

I know a lot about online businesses and about how to make money online. I’ve watched dozens of videos on any possible way to make an income online.

And if there’s one thing I am convinced of, it’s that no other platform compensates creators in a way similar to Medium.

Given that you enjoy writing, you are just starting and don’t have a million followers who fight to buy your products, you won’t find a better way to promote yourself and your writing than Medium.

So, instead of complaining, maybe you should put your butt in the chair and produce work that is worth reading.

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