How I Went From Zero to One Million Views on Medium

Two years, hundreds of articles and a lot of lessons learned

According to my stats, I’ll be hitting a total of one million views on Medium this week.

Even though I believe you shouldn’t be too focused on numbers, if you want to make it big on Medium, one million views is a nice milestone, and I’m doing some reflection on what I learned along the way.

And as I love sharing my insights and journey with aspiring writers, I decided to do the whole reflection as part of this post.

So, here we go:

I joined Medium and the Partner Program back in July 2018.

I came across the platform by accident, but I immediately knew I could like it.

Ever since I can remember, I loved learning and writing, and when I heard about Medium, I already had a side business around personal development, so I had the ideal requirements to join a writing platform as I had a lot of in-depth knowledge in a particular field.

And even though I didn’t have much time, I managed to make time for my writing.

At the time I started writing on Medium, I was finishing my studies in business administration, doing a full-time internship, and hosting personal development workshops for students.

Most of my writing back then was either done at 6 am or after 10 pm.

That’s why I don’t have much sympathy when people tell me they don’t have enough time to write or pursue their dreams in general.

Nobody has time.

If something is important enough, you just make time.

I see women with babies building million-dollar businesses.

I see 16-year olds building incredible products besides school.

And I see people writing on Medium every day despite their day jobs.

If you genuinely want it, you will make time instead of excuses.

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